Since Core Dance Center's beginnings, we have maintained the philosophy to guide, educate, and inspire our students. 


All students and parents should refer to Dress Code for class-specific required attire. Hair must be tightly secured and off the neck for all dance classes. 


The opportunity to perform in a recital is an exciting part of the dance training process. It gives the dancers an opportunity to express themselves and to demonstrate their talent to family and friends. Equally important is the experience of performing in an artistic setting, creating self-esteem and confidence, which will follow the dancers into their adult lives.

Recital date and location will be announced in August. 


A non-refundable fee of $45.00 per family is required along with the registration form in order to be enrolled in our dance program. Register here! online.


No gum, food or drinks are permitted in the studio. T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, or street clothes are permitted only in hip hop class. For all regular dance classes, students must follow the dress code. Excessive talking is not allowed during classes. Cell phone usage is not allowed while waiting for classes to begin or during class. Phones must be turned off or placed in silent mode prior to entering the studio. Observers are not permitted in the classroom without permission of the instructor.


The majority of correspondence between CDC and families will be done electronically. Please keep a current email address on file with the front desk.


CDC offers a variety of dance training including: classical ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop, tumbling, and creative movement. Students are accepted from ages 3 on up. Ballet is a pre-requisite for all students interested in enrolling in jazz and contemporary. Participation in pointe is by teacher recommendation only. Students enrolled in only hip hop or tap are not required to take ballet. Hip hop classes are offered to 1st grade students and older. These students can take hip hop in addition to their regular classes on a separate day.


Each student is expected to attend the entire dance season and arrive on time for every class. Instructors will keep an attendance record. Excessive absences will jeopardize the student’s eligibility to participate in the recital.
The months of February, March and April are important in preparing for our performance. Dancers need to attend regular scheduled classes and extra rehearsals during the final 6 weeks of classes leading up to recital. All absences during this time MUST BE CLEARED with the TEACHER prior to missing class. Failure to adhere to this policy and excessive absences may result in your dancer being removed from a section of his/her dance or from an entire dance.

Every effort should be made to avoid missing classes. Teachers will not slow the pace of their class to accommodate students who do not attend class regularly. Students are responsible for learning new choreography during an absence.

Students should arrive NO MORE than 15 minutes prior to the start of class and remain QUIET while waiting in the lobby. Please do not enter the classroom to pick-up your child early. CDC should be notified in advance regarding absences, tardiness or early pick-up.


Please label all dance wear, shoes and accessories. We are not responsible for the loss of personal property. Please leave jewelry at home and check the lost and found basket located in the lobby for missing items.


The studio will be closed for the Labor Day, Rice Festival, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year, Martin Luther King, Mardi Gras & Easter holidays. In the event of inclement weather, the studio will be closed if schools are closed. If class is cancelled due to severe weather, or if an instructor is sick, a make-up class will be scheduled.


Dance conventions are usually a two-day weekend workshop, where students from all over the state take classes from the world’s top choreographers and dancers. Advance notice will be given regarding upcoming conventions. 

Our company dancers attend 2 - 3 competitions each dance year. Our parents, students, & instructors look forward to the growth and challenges that come from these opportunities.


Master classes and choreography sessions will be offered at Core Dance Center throughout the year. A fee will be charged for participation in these sessions.


The faculty decides on each student’s class placement. Placement is highly individual, and the factors that go into the decision are based on age, ability, maturity, attendance record and overall willingness to listen and learn. Students will not always progress at the same rate and at times the faculty chooses to challenge a student by placing them with a higher level class. Each student should be working at a level that is suitable for them. Students need to master certain skills before advancing. We completely understand that friends enjoy being together, and we ask parents to support staff decisions in this matter.


Assisting is a rewarding and learning experience and an integral part of our school. Assistants are selected by the faculty and are considered team members of Core Dance Center.


In order to perform a solo, dancer must be a senior in high school, receive approval from her/his instructors, and must be responsible for choreography and costume fees. At any point in time before the performance, if the soloist fails to follow any of the aforementioned guidelines, his/her solo will be ineligible to be performed.



Please note that in order to receive trophies, students must be enrolled in ballet.

Trophy:          3, 5, 7, 9, 11 years of dance

Medal:           Perfect Attendance

Award:           Caitlin Marie Hetzel Memorial Award*

Scholarship:   Audrey Claire Brown Scholarship**

*Awarded to students who exemplify strong work ethic, kindness, leadership, compassion, and a great passion for dance.

**The Audrey Claire Brown Scholarship is a full-year dance scholarship that includes regular dance tuition. It does not include fees associated with The Company. It is awarded to students with strong work ethic, kindness, leadership, compassion, and great passion for dance.