The movement is aligned and linked with the breath so that you move with each inhale and exhale.Vinyasa-style yoga classes are ones where there is a dynamic flow from posture to posture. These classes are also often referred to as Flow Yoga or Power Yoga and are derived from Ashtanga yoga. (from

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a challenging sequence of postures based on the dynamic linking of rhythmic breathing and flowing movement. Immense heat is created within your core that acts to cleanse and purify the body. Focused breathing calms the mind and soothes the nervous system resulting in a meditative calmness.

Slow Flow

This class integrates the whole body in a challenging yet accessible series of postures. You will move through the traditional yoga postures including standing, seated, inversions, spinal twists, hip and hamstring openers, and abdominal strengtheners with special emphasis on the breath.


Finding balance between your ambitious, energetic self and your peaceful, contented natural state while relieving stress. This calming meditative yoga practice emphasizes deep breathing and gentle deep tissue stretching. The healing quality of Yin Yoga is suited for all levels of physical capabilities.

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